Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

This is Lumpy's first Halloween here on Earth. On his home planet, Zgrunturos, they have holidays. But none like Halloween. He's tickled blue at the concept of dressing up and going out trick or treating. No one here at the office had the courage to tell him that trick or treating is only for the 'lil ones. Although Lumpy, by Zgrunturian standards, is still a young adult, he's acting very much like a little kid!

We took a few pictures of him earlier today, trying on his outfit for later tonight. And what did Lumpy want to do after a few hours of trying on costumes? You guessed it. The boy wanted to eat some pho. I will find a way to cure him of his pho habit!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Every Day is a Good Day When It's Cinco de Molar!

The poll results are in! With a pretty strong finish, Cinco de Molar took the winning spot. Cinco de Molar was submitted by Bronson15. The two runners up were My Sweet Tooth (Mohammedrules) and Drill, baby, drill (Devilishly Good).

So the next time you have to go to the dentist ... remember. It's not so bad. Cuz when it's Cinco de Molar ... it at least sounds like you're gonna have some fun!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lumpy's Halloween Wallpaper!

For EP3, Lumpy has been zombie-fied quite a few times. And he's getting quite used to it. When he heard about our Earthling holiday called Halloween and realized it had a relationship to zombies, he suggested we make a wallpaper for you guys to enjoy. We have 3 different varieties for you enjoyment!

You should be able to download these images. If you're not sure how, ask! Lumpy and the 2n team wishes everyone a Happy Halloween! Okay, it's early ... but it's fun!

Name the "Dentist Day" Polls are Open!

Yesterday, we started a contest in celebration of us getting into the top 100 Entertainment apps and being featured as What's Hot in the US iTunes App Store. We had over 190 entries and narrowed it down to 10 choices!

  • Cinco de Molar (Bronson15)
  • Dia de los Molars (Kalel39)
  • Drill, baby, drill (Devilishly Good)
  • I See Numb People (evilhomer)
  • Molar Madness Day (Touchgamer3g)
  • Mouth Mangling Numbday (drelbs)
  • My Sweet Tooth (Mohammedrules)
  • My Toof Hurz (Devilishly Good)
  • QuitIt Cavities Day (Rachel)
  • Twice a ... Day (Will090)

So let the voting begin! If you want to cast your vote, poke on over to our thread in Touch Arcade here!

Lumpy wants to thank everyone that submitted their entries!

On another note, we're bordering on breaking into the top 50 in Entertainment apps! For those that have been helping spread the word thanks!

If you haven't please do! Only through your support can we continue to bring you more updates!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Help Us Name the "Dentist Day" Holiday Contest!

Lumpy is pleased as punch that we're in the top 100 Entertainment apps. He suggested that we have a little contest to celebrate!

EP3 has a bunch of new Holiday themes to purchase. One of them is what we are simply calling Dentist Day. Lumpy Agent told us the other day "My client thinks the name Dentist Day is too straightforward and does not represent the depth and complexity my client is portraying in the QuitIt! experience."

After receiving a few blank stares his Agent said "He wants it to have a new name." Options such as "Tooth Day" and "My Toothy Ouchy Day" surfaced. None of which pleased his royal blueness. So Lumpy thought, why not ask my fans to help out?

Help us rename Dentist Day! Leave suggestions here or on our thread at Touch Arcade here. We'll give away 3 promocodes to the best names!

If you already have a copy of QuitIt!, you can still participate. Lumpy says "Sharing is caring." ... so give that promocode to a friend and help us let even more people know about QuitIt!

QuitIt! Back in the top 100 Entertainment Apps!

QuitIt! is back in the top 100 Entertainment Apps in the US iTunes App Store! Lumpy is excited to be back there. EP1 also got into that top 100 list. Last time, we made it to 19, but then fell shortly thereafter. We're hoping with all the improvements that we have made with EP2 that we can work our way to the top of the list ... and stay on it for the next weeks to come!

If you have QuitIt! but haven't reviewed it, or haven't updated your review for EP2, Lumpy would be ecstatic if you could! And of course spreading the word to others is always a good thing. The more we can get people buying Lumpy and QuitIt! the longer we can continue doing the FREE updates!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Meet Zynx!

A couple of weeks ago, we had a contest to pick the name of Lumpy's toy dog. Internally, we named the dog Barky. The fine folks over at Touch Arcade had some different ideas! We had a poll, and the top 3 name choices were Zynx, Lil' Bit, and Byter, with Zynx being the winning name! Mr. Crazy came up with that one!

The look of Zynx has changed a bit to read better on the screen. As everyone knows, Lumpy loves cute animals and things. As it turns out, Zynx is pretty dang cute. So as you can imagine, Lumpy really likes Zynx. Lumpy  likes him so much that he wanted to post a picture of the little guy...

Zynx will be able to do some tricks too! I wonder what they'll be!?

Monday, October 26, 2009

What's Hot? Why QuitIt! is ... again!

Lumpy has been working pretty hard in preparation for EP3. He's allowed himself to have spells cast upon him, he's allowed himself to be zombie-fied, and he's played homage to MJ. He even has been practicing a few more sweet moves no one has seen quite yet.

This evening, he was relaxing a bit at the office, poking around the interweb, while I was trying to finish up my work for the day. Suddenly, I heard a big thud. When I looked around I saw that Lumpy had fallen out of his chair. When I asked him what happened he kept saying "What's Hot ... What's Hot". He then hopped up and then nudged me towards his computer screen. 

I saw he was on Oprah's website reading about Wednesday's episode where Oprah  will hear from MJ's fans talk about his new movie: Michael Jackson's This Is It. As I was rolling my eyes, I realized something else. Next to that window was iTunes. And on the iTunes page, QuitIt! was listed as What's Hot!

Lumpy was overjoyed because this is the second time we've been listed as What's Hot! since we first came out!

Lumpy and the 2n team would like to express our gratitude to all the fans that have supported QuitIt! and we ask for your continued support in helping to spread the word about QuitIt! By spreading the word and giving us good reviews on iTunes, you'll allow us to continue building new Episodes for your enjoyment!

Lumpy's Hungry Pho Sure!

All of the recent cleaning has apparently caused Lumpy to build up quite the appetite. The boy eats a lot. Every day, he probably woofs down a good 7-10 meals. He claims his weight is the exact same compared to when he first hopped on Earth. Especially since he's been practicing some new moves for EP3. But I swear he's put on a few.

On top of the increased appetite, San Francisco has also gotten a little chillier. This has set off the Perfect Storm for increasing Lumpy's cravings for his favorite food here on Earth ... pho. Lumpy is insatiable when it comes to pho. Before, he would demand it daily. Now, he is asking for it nearly every meal. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem. Except everyone in the office has left it up to me to be the go guy when it comes to pho. Today, after lunch, I demanded people at the office step up and either find a replacement food that will spark Lumpy's attentions or find something that will sate his penchant for pho. To help drive the point across, I locked everyone in a conference room for 1 hour ... while Lumpy incessantly chirped "Lumpi ha pho tabetai."

When I unlocked the door, I was suddenly greeted by a much more understanding look from everyone. I'm thinking someone will have a solution soon!

Seriously, what the pho!?

Monday's EP3 Update

A little late in the day for this update, but I wanted to get some news out. We're close to starting our Beta test. Project time right now is being divided amongst debugging of some of our data from the tool update, getting our new minigame, Lumpy Hoops, balanced, adding in support for Lumpy's toy dog, Zynx, and of course a slew of other things!

Ideally, we want to submit EP3 at the end of this week. We are then going to try and crank through a really quick EP4 for another release before Thanksgiving.

Our goal for these back to back releases is not only to get out new content, but also to hit Thanksgiving with some fun Thanksgiving themed items!

At the same time, we don't want to compromise the level of polish that is currently in the game!

I'll post the next EP3 update once we start Beta testing!

Friday, October 23, 2009

EP3 Update - Lumpy's Got Some New Moves!

We've started the transition of giving Lumpy new poked/tickled reactions to the Pokers. This first started with the JOY BUZZER and recently was followed up by WHO'S BAD?. This week, we were putting the finishing touches on two newer Lumpy animation sets: ALKAZAM! and BRAIN FOOD.

We thought now would be a good time to give everyone a peek into what these are looking like. It also shows you the craziness we can get into the QuitIt!

All newer Lumpy animation sets to Pokers have a hidden finality. These ones are pretty funny. Let's just say they involve Moon Walking, a unicorn, and a graveyard!

Since we decided to forgo hitting Halloween due to our Perfect Storm of issues, we're going to pimp out EP3 more than we wanted to by trying to get a couple of more animation sets in the game. We'll keep you posted!

Each episode will give you newer Lumpy animation reaction sets to Pokers.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday's EP3 Update!

Building a game is all about data management. Sure, you have your AI, engines, game play elements, etc. But at the very end it is all about the data. Moving data X to point Y by time Z. And while QuitIt! is really an Entertainment app with some game elements, it relies heavily on data management. For those that have played QuitIt!, you may notice the smoothness in animation. QuitIt! is pure 2D, but if you watch the anims, it really doesn't look like we're using a flip book of animation, like so many 2D apps use. And that's because we're not! There is a complex web of data that is used to properly animate everything in the game. Which translates to ... a lot of data!

Over the past few days, we've upgraded our tool chains. What this will allow us to do is have better control (hopefully) over how Accessories are placed on Lumpy. But in doing this, it basically required that we reprocess all of our animations. Once reprocessed, we then had to process the data to generate the runtime data.

In QuitIt!, there are roughly 1000+ asset files. Around 185 of those are sound files, about 350 of those are textures, and the rest are data. During an average snapshot at runtime, we have loaded into memory around 128 sound effects and roughly 53-60 textures. All these assets are juggled around on the fly when you switch Pokers and get new Gifts, providing a seamless play experience.

Now that's a lot of data! Which means that it took quite a bit of time to make all those changes. As we're a small company, and I'm the only tech guy, I was the one doing all that reprocessing of the data. I finished all the data processing yesterday and am validating everything. While it's awesome we got all that behind it, it's not so awesome that it chewed up so much time. The upside is that this should allow for a better Accessories (eg. hats, beards, etc) experience as well as continued expandability for QuitIt!

Lumpy Even Does Laundry!

Color me impressed, because Lumpy is still chipping in at the apartment!

At first I thought it would be a passing fad. But he really seems committed to a career in cleaning. Lumpy told me that his new buddies have been very encouraging. Claiming he's a natural. And that it's the perfect side job to have when you're an actor, because you can get cleaning gigs between your acting ones. They also added that if he gets acting roles in other cities or countries, they may have cleaning jobs at those locales that they could hook him up with.

So this morning, I found Lumpy doing my laundry. Which I found extra impressive. Since, as you probably could tell, Lumpy really doesn't have clothes. So I figured he'd draw the boundary at laundry. But I was wrong.

When I asked my blue pal why the sudden urge to do laundry, he curtly replied "I was told I needed to branch out and launder things." Apparently he is expecting to being doing a lot of laundry in the near future ... because he was also asking me where all the 24 hour Laundromats are in San Francisco.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday's EP3 Update ... The Perfect Storm

Welcome to this Monday's EP3 Update! The things that happen during a dev cycle never fail to amaze me. Sometimes you get by with little or no issues. Other times you get a few bumps and bruises along the way. But just like eating airline food, you mostly walk away just fine.

This time, however, we've seem to have hit the perfect storm of issues. Our artists, for various good reasons, have all gotten sidelined during this production cycle. While the timing of these events is unfortunate, these are, as they say, the breaks of the game.

What this means is that art is coming out a bit slower than expected. And rather than rush job things solely for the sake of speed, we'd rather make sure the stuff comes out well. For a game like ours, artwork is pretty important. The smoothness of animation and maintenance the consistency of the look requires some damn good artists and time.

We're also taking this time to do a bit of technical housecleaning. I've rewritten part of our tool chain to better encode some more information into the game to improve our handling of Accessories (eg. hats, beards, etc). The unfortunate side effect of this is it means all our assets need to be reprocessed.

Yes, the Perfect Storm indeed. But as Lumpy often says around the office, "The Show must go on!"

And it will!

Friday, October 16, 2009

A Lumpy Upgrade Request

I found out the other day that someone did not want to upgrade to EP2 because the icon has Lumpy in a distressed state. Compared to the Pilot Episode, where Lumpy is all smiles. She didn't not want to see an electrified state of cute and adorable Lumpy.

We've realized that some people feel really bad about hurting Lumpy, because they like him so much. We even found that this feeling would even affect which Pokers they chose to use on the Lumpster. For example, MIGRAINE RELIEVER bad. PLASTIK-O FLAMINGO good.

But fear not people. Lumpy is a trained actor. We can assure that while things appear to really hurt him, it's acting! And if you're feeling bad, it just shows you that Lumpy's got the chops!

EP3's icon will be a friendlier icon ... and the update will also have more things that you can make Lumpy happy with. So those with a guilty conscious ... soon you'll be able to smoother him with good things.

When Lumpy heard that a fan didn't want to update because of the icon, he was in tears. After all, the boy spent weeks under the hot lights of the set during the production of it. He wanted to personally address her, to let her know he's okay.

Since she wrote this in Japanese, it is only fair that Lumpy replies 日本語で. Japanese after all, was the first Earthling language that he learned.

So Lumpy says to that fan 「アップグレードしませんでしょうか?お願いします。」

A New Friend for Lumpy!

In EP2 - Shock and Oww, we introduced a friend for Lumpy ... Clappy the Monkey! Clappy was a pioneer in a couple of ways. First, he was interactive. You could pick him up, throw him around, and even feed him to Lumpy. And maybe some of you also figured out that if you used the LET'S GO BANANAS!! Poker, Lumpy would follow it! And run away from the JOY BUZZER! Clappy also was the first of Gifts that make Lumpy happy!

EP3 will introduce a new interactive Gift for Lumpy. Meet Lumpy's new friend...

This lil' fella doesn't have a name yet. And we're looking to you to help name him! And what's this lil' fella do? He's a toy dog. A futuristic one at that! Maybe the sort you find on Zgrunturos? Does this dog do tricks? You betcha! I guess you could consider him Lumpy's pet ... don't worry he's house broken! Hmm, do we even know if he's a he!?

To make it more interesting, we're going to give out promo codes with the naming as well. We're working out the deets on this one, but we'll be giving out 3 promo codes for the best name candidates. Depending on the number of suggestions, we may take it to the polls to select the top 3!

Leave your suggestions here or on our thread in Touch Arcade.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

EP2 Achievements and Secrets Revealed!

Some people have commented that either they weren't too sure there were Achievements and Secrets in QuitIt!. Or they didn't know how to trigger them. We've updated our blog to contain this information. And soon, we'll update our website as well.

This information can be found in our FAQ here. For each new episode, we'll update the Achievements and Secrets section.

Lumpy's Helping Out!

Lumpy's a Star. And on top of that, he's an ex-child Star. Which means that growing up, his sense of responsibility was skewed. Being the meal ticket to his Mom as well as to the various media execs resulted in a kid that has no concept of household chores.

When Lumpy first arrived here on Earth, I was the person elected to give him a place to stay. This has been challenging in more ways than one. From the grocery bills, his eclectic taste in TV programming, and the strange friends. And on top of it all. Lumpy doesn't do his share of the chores.

When it comes down to any form of manual labor around the apartment, Lumpy doesn't lift a finger. Okay, he doesn't have fingers ... but I've thought many a time that it sure would be nice if he pitched in every now and then. Especially since the upkeep on a blue blobby alien is quite high.

Recently, however, things have changed. It all started when I was awoken by a strange sound. When I went out into the living room to investigate, I was amazed to find one Lumptacius Hrudkovity vacuuming! Over the last few days, Lumpy has been quite helpful. Not only has he vacuumed, but he's also done dishes, and even cleaned the bathroom! Lumpy has somehow transformed into quite the helpful little alien!

When asked as to why he was suddenly helping out, he told me that his new friends suggested to him that on top of acting, he may be good at being a cleaner. They've already apparently have been offering him cleaning gigs. But, Lumpy said, he wanted to practice before accepting ... so he wouldn't let anyone down when he started to clean professionally.

Not sure if it's empathy gained from watching all of those episodes of Oprah or solely from the influence of his new friends. But this is a welcome change in Lumpy! And if the changes are due to his new friends ... they're alright in my book!

Fan Review by Real Racing Fan

This past weekend I was approached by Real Racing Fan on Touch Arcade. He's a budding young iPhone reviewer trying to make a name for himself in the interweb. He asked if he could do a video review on QuitIt!. What really made his request stand out was that he said he'd buy the app and then review it. For those not in the know, what usually happens is you get a ton of people asking you for promo codes so they can review your app.

So this was a refreshing change!

Yesterday he sent us an e-mail letting us know the video is posted on YouTube.

Lumpy knows what it's like starting out and trying to make a name for yourself. So he suggested we post his video. Lumpy wants us to encourage Real Racing Fan by checking out his video. If you like his videos, why not subscribe to his YouTube Channel (

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lumpy's Other Secret Exposed?

What's this?

An intern in our office snapped this picture of Lumpy. Is there something we don't know about Lumpy? Or does this just represent a softer side to Lumpy? After his recent bouts of being short-tempered, perhaps this shows us that he's really just a good guy deep inside?

When confronted with this picture, Lumpy's Agent demanded we wipe the interweb clean of all images. When told that it was already out there, he said "Clearly my client is showing his vast array of acting skills. Real men aren't afraid to show their feminine side."

And after that, he dragged me aside and said "Now you find a way to get it into the game!"

Lumpy's Crew

I previously mentioned that Lumpy has been hanging out with some new friends I have never met. And this has been accompanied by some strange behavior. An otherwise upbeat, pleasant, and kind Lumpy occasionally morphs into a short-tempered blue blob that tells people that if they don't watch it, they'll "get theirs".

Towards me, Lumpy is a bit protective. I guess it is a perk of being the handler and his roommate.

Last night when we were out, someone accidentally bumped into my chair. Lumpy got a bit confrontational. Afterwards when we got home, I told Lumpy he shouldn't have done it, but he said I was being disrespected and he had to do something about it. He added that I shouldn't worry about it and he'd talk to his crew to make sure that guy would never bother me again.

As he shooed me out of his room, he said he needed to hit the mattresses soon. I guess he was tired from a long day of working on EP3, but it was only 8PM!?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday's EP3 Update ... Who's Badder?

This is our first Monday EP3 update. It has been a few days since you're heard any deets on EP3. After our submission to Apple and our release of EP2, we've been spending most of our time planning it. Since we're a small company, it unfortunately means people wear many hats and things can, at times, take longer than expected. But fortunately we have Lumpy to remind us that his needs are priority.

We are going for a more modest update with EP3. This doesn't mean that we're going to water down the episode. We just want to try and get a version out around Halloween, since there are some Halloween themed items here.

Two of the bigger features we are putting into EP3 are Open Feint and more ways to make Lumpy happy. This will include having Lumpy's idle be happy too, when his meter is happy. We are also slowly updating Lumpy to have specific reactions to pokers.

Take this for example.

Lumpy likes MJ. And as a tribute to him, he wanted the first "happy" Poker to be augmented to be Who's Bad.

Here is a small video clip to show you the craziness we have in store. The first part shows how Lumpy currently reacts to Who's Bad. The last part shows what it may look like soon! And also remember that each pimped out Poker will have a special finality animation that you have to discover!

EP3 will have 3 pokers upgraded. In honor of Halloween, one will be Brain Food. We're still selecting the other one.

Thoughts on the newer Lumpy animations to Pokers to come?

So Who's Badder now? Lumpy!

Lumpy Trivia Contest Promo Code Giveaway Result!

Lumpy wants to thank everyone that participated in the Trivia Contest! He hopes it was fun. Some people mentioned they felt it was a little too hard. Lumpy apologizes if you think it was ... but is happy that now you know a little bit more about him!

Here are the answers to the contest:

Question 1: Where is Lumpy originally from?
Answer: Lumpy comes from Zgrunturos where he was an ex-child star. The answer could be found here.

Question 2: Who was the person Lumpy thought had it in for him?
Answer: Montezuma. After eating a burrito, his first food on Earth, Lumpy found it didn't quite agree with him. After the concept of Montezuma's revenge was mentioned to him, he couldn't figure out why some being name Montezuma was after him. The answer could be found here.

Question 3: What documentary made Lumpy go into hiding?
Answer: District 9. Lumpy was disturbed on how poorly the aliens were treated in this documentary. After viewing it, he believed the MNU was after him and went into hiding. The answer could be found here.

Question 4: Which show did Lumpy's Agent stop the production of EP2 on in order to watch?
Answer: The Oprah Winfrey Show. We all have our guilty pleasures. And if yours happens to be Oprah Winfrey as well. We won't judge. The answer could be found here.

Question 5: What chemical did Lumpy's Agent say was okay for his client, and what was it going to be used for?
Answer: Brilliant Blue G and blue augmentation therapy. When rumors had it that Lumpy was a candidate to be the stunt double for the Blue M&M, questions arose as to how Lumpy would manage it since their skin tones are slightly different. The answer could be found here.

And now our winners!

All our winners are from TouchArcade, although one of them did submit their entry via e-mail! The winners, in order of getting the answers right are:

  • gac
  • zvnthynn
  • 5duc29

Congratulations! If you anyone found our blog amusing, then follow us on the blog or on Twitter @2nProductions. Or even better, help us spread the word about QuitIt! and the blog! Your help will allow us to make future episodes for a everyone to enjoy.

Oh, and Lumpy wanted to add that if any of his fans have suggestions, please feel free to leave them on our blog or e-mail them to us here.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday EP2 Promo Code Giveaway Contest!

As people know, Lumpy's not from here. Being new in town can be tough. But what about if you're a blue blobby creature from another planet? Lumpy's Agent suggested we help people get to know Lumpy better, by having a Promo Code Giveaway Contest.

To which an intern quipped "But how's that going to get them to know Lumpy more?". After the freshly Joy Buzzed body was moved to a resting area, Lumpy's Agent provided us with the following information.

The Lumpy Trivia Contest

  • The first three (3) people to correctly answer all of the following five (5) questions about Lumpy will each receive one (1) promo code to QuitIt!
  • You may enter as many times as you want.
  • A person may win only one (1) promo code.
  • Winners picked will be based on the order/timestamp recieved.
  • Contestants must submit their replies by either PM to "2n Productions" on TouchArcade or to
  • Only answers submitted by the methods above will be considered valid.
Misc deets:
  • All answers can be found in this blog.
  • You are encouraged to leave funny comments in our blog.
  • Post on our TA thread to let us know you submitted your answers.
  • If you need a hint, ask us via comment in this blog or on the TA thread.
  1. Where is Lumpy originally from?
  2. Who was the person Lumpy thought had it in for him? Hint: This is related to a food incident as well as a dish, as the saying goes, that is best served cold. You could always just google "dish best served cold" to find out what that refers to. Then look in July. You only need to look at the blog post titles to probably figure it out then!
  3. What documentary made Lumpy go into hiding?
  4. Which show did Lumpy stop the production of EP2 on in order to watch?
  5. What chemical did Lumpy's Agent say was okay for his client, and what was it going to be used for? HintThis chemical was to be used to alter something with Lumpy in order to make him look right for a role. This chemical was also found to have two effects on mice. The first being it helped to mend something. The second being it changed it's appearance. You have probably eaten this chemical too!
Winners will be announced on Monday!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Look Up in the Sky! It's a Bird...

Yesterday and today, Lumpy heard loud roaring from the sky. He noticed the source of the noise was from these blue objects racing around the sky.
We had to explain to him that here in San Francisco, it's Fleet Week. And during that time, the Blue Angels perform an air show. A few days before the show, they do practice runs over and around San Francisco.

Lumpy was mesmerized by the blue objects darting through the sky. He seemed deeply moved, as if reflecting all of the space travel he has done in his lifetime.

After a few minutes of watching this afternoon's impromptu air show, Lumpy remarked "Why are they moving so slow?"

SPOILER ALERT! Emoji Mystery Solved!

If you want to figure out how to unlock the secret gift yourself, stop reading this post! If not, read on!

After yesterday's shocking revelation about the secret gift hidden away in QuitIt! by Lumpy, we've been doing some sleuthing and discovered the secret to unlock it!

We overheard Lumpy's Agent talking to the Lumpster in the Green Room and the Agent said, "Oh, okay Lumpy, so the trick to unlocking the emoji is to poke you 7 times with the ALAKAZAM!! Poker first. And then buy the LIL' CRATE O' MYSTERY from the GIFTS store. So, after the Gift comes out, I just simply touch it to unlock the emoji! Ingenious!"

After we overheard this conversation, we tried it, and by gosh it works! So, for your convenience, here are the steps we used to unlock the emoji!

  1. Choose or Buy the ALAKAZAM!! Poker.
  2. Poke Lumpy 7 times with the ALAKAZAM!! Poker.
  3. Go to the GIFTS Store and buy the LIL' CRATE O' MYSTERY Gift.
  4. Go back into Lumpy's room and open the Gift when it appears.
  5. You should see a message that says you've unlocked emoji. That's it!
  6. Now go to our How to Enable Emoji FAQ and enable the emoji on your device!
There are couple of things you need to know:
  • Make sure to poke Lumpy 7 times. If the steps above did not work for you, Lumpy may have dodged one of your pokes. Make sure that you poke him 7 times!
  • Do not buy any other Gifts while you're unlocking emoji. The Gift that is opened immediately after you poke Lumpy with the ALAKAZAM!! poker MUST be the LIL' CRATE O' MYSTERY Gift.
  • If the steps above did not work for you, you will need to choose another Poker other than ALAKAZAM!!, and then go back into Lumpy's room again and then follow steps 1 through 6 above.
  • If you have emoji unlocked already, you will get a message that says you have emoji enabled already on your device.
  • If you're still having problems unlocking emoji, contact us by e-mail.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lumpy's New Friends

Living with roommates is an interesting experience. You have your ups and downs. But what if your roommate is a blobby blue alien named Lumpy that eats a lot? And what if said alien is also a Star?

Then it becomes an adventure.

Lumpy hangs out with an interesting bunch of people. Some are internet phenoms, some are outright famous, while others are known for other reasons. And don't get me started on the quirky wannabe actor crowd.

Being Lumpy's handler, I'm usually forced to go out with Lumpy and his friends. Which can be good and bad.

But recently, Lumpy has made some new friends. Friends I've never met. And it's beginning to worry me, since Lumpy also seems to be getting a bit of a chip on his shoulder. Occasionally he gets short with me. At other times he becomes very magnanimous, picking up the tab. During those times, if I try to pay my share, he tells me to forget about it. When I tell him he's still just a semi-Star and to watch what he spends, he insists on a big payday coming soon.

Don't get me wrong. I like the Lumpster. I really do. But something is strange...

Lumpy Gives Back!

People may remember that we mentioned that there was a secret gift in QuitIt! for everyone. We weren't sure if there was, but both Lumpy and his Agent kept insisting there was one. How could an intergalactic ambassador of Good Will possibly lie to us?

This morning, Lumpy woke me up at the crack of dawn and demanded I change the in store icon to the app. Half asleep, I begrudgingly did so. And after I hit "Save Changes" I actually took a look at it.

Are my eyes deceiving me?

I'm not quite sure how he did it, but he got it in there. And as proof, he gave me this screenie.

Which leads to the two big questions...

How did he get it in there with out me knowing and where is the thing hidden?

Hmm, but the mystery has been solved! It's hidden here!

QuitIt! FAQ

Click on the links below to see more information on each topic!

What’s QuitIt!? Updated 10/08/09
Lumpy Updated 10/08/09
General Info Updated 10/08/09
General Gameplay Updated 12/11/09
Zynx Updated 12/17/09
Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy Updated 12/17/09
Where's My Stuff? Updated 1/21/10
Pokers Updated 12/11/09
Gifts Updated 12/11/09
Holidays Updated 10/08/09
Minigames Updated 10/08/09
Achievements and Secrets Updated 12/10/2009
Note: EMOJI is no longer available in QuitIt! It was removed at the request of Apple.

Still not sure about something? Then send us e-mail here.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What the Pho!?

When Lumpy's Agent is not around, by default, I become Lumpy's handler. During the slightest mention of money, contract, sequel, etc ... his Agent miraculously appears. Other than that, he's no where to be found.

When Lumpy first came to Earth, everyone in the office quickly volunteered me to put him up. So not only do I share an office with the Lumpster, I also live with him. Which can be challenging.

The TV always seems to bark out re-runs of Oprah, he is always inviting over his quirky wanna be actor friends, and he devours all of my food. The boy eats a lot. I mean a lot. If I leave anything in the fridge or cupboards, the food is good as gone. And when there is no food, he's always asking me to go with him to get some.

Since the completion of EP2, he's apparently built up quite the appetite. I guess all of the hours method acting his way around the Joy Buzzer burned up a lot of calories.

Day in and day out. Home or office. Lumpy keeps giving me the puppy eyes and says "Lumpi ha pho tabetai." Don't get me wrong. I like pho. I really do. But not as much as Lumpy does!

Any suggestions on what to do?

Pick The Next Lumpy Reaction to a Poker!!

As everyone here knows, EP3 is in production. One of the new features we added to EP2 was specific Lumpy reactions to pokers. This was done for the Joy Buzzer!

After shooting this Episode, Lumpy told us he thought that the experience of acting with the Joy Buzzer "expanded his acting horizons". Later his Agent came in demanding more "roles" like that.

So we are not in breach in contract, we find ourselves once again catering to his royal blueness. He is a Star after all!

EP3 will introduce 3 new Lumpy reactions to Pokers. For each upcoming episode, we'll also introduce newer Lumpy reactions.

We've already selected 2 of them:
  • Who's Bad? (MJ Hand)
  • Brain Food (Zombie Hand) locked item in EP2
We'd like to find out from you, what you'd like to see.

Here is the complete list of current Pokers:

Pilot Episode Pokers

Pokers Added in EP2

Not sure what a Lumpy reaction to a Poker looks like? Check out this video. The Joy Buzzer is in action near the end of the video.

Or gander at this. This little video shows you the what the "normal" poke reactions look like. I'll post something later which shows Who's Bad before and after being changed!

We're also running this on TouchArcade ... where we'll be giving out some promocodes. So check here for deets on that!

So give us your suggestions and your favorite Pokers will get priority to get done first!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Episode 2 - Shock and Oww is OUT!

Lumpy wants to let all his fans know that EP2’s been approved by Apple and is now available for immediate download from the iTunes App Store!

He would like to thank all his fans for their patience, and thinks that everyone will enjoy all the new features.

Speaking of which, he just gave me the “Come on already and tell everyone what’s in EP2!” look. So without further ado, here’s a quick summary of the goodies packed into EP2:
  • A brand spankin' new feature: Minigames!
  • Over 20 Pokers to tease or please Lumpy with, including our very first full featured poker: the zaptastic Joy Buzzer!
  • Longer lasting Pokers
  • More than 15 Gifts, including 2 interactive Gifts!
  • Dress up Lumpy with accessories ... if you can find them!
  • Wacky Room Themes to buy!
  • Holiday Room Themes to brighten up Lumpy's day!?
  • See how Lumpy feels with the Mood Meter
  • Tilt and shake to tease Lumpy!
  • Stats and Achievements
  • A bunch of secrets ... can you find them all?
  • Lumpy gives back! Yep, Lumpy wanted us to hide a special gift in the game for you!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Episode 3 is Underway!

As soon as I hit the submit button for EP2, Lumpy did two things. First he said"Lumpi ha pho tabetai". Then he he said "EP3 itsu ka?" As if on cue, his Agent stuck his head in the doorway and said "He says when's EP3?" and then quickly disappeared.

As his royal blueness requested, we've been hard at work last week planning out Episode 3 for QuitIt! We plan on trying to get in some Halloween treats in this one ... which also means getting the update out in October! This will definitely be a challenge since it means we need to submit around mid-October.

Here's a quick rundown on what we have planned for EP3:
  • A new minigame
  • More poker specific Lumpy animations
  • More interactive gifts
  • More Accessories to dress Lumpy up in
  • More wacky user themes
  • Open Feint support
  • And more stuff to be revealed later!
The details are a bit vague now, but we'll fill them in soon! Also remember, our updates are FREE!

As with the last update, I'll add the hyperlinks to other postings relating to EP3 in this posting. You can click on the reporter Lumpy icon for EPISODE 3 on the sidebar to the right.

Lumpy and the production staff here at 2n are listening to your comments! Feel free to leave suggestions or feature requests in these postings. Or leave a comment if you just want to say "Hi!". Lumpy loves making new friends!

Monday's EP3 Update ... Who's Badder? Updated 10/12/2009!
Monday's EP3 Update ... The Perfect Storm Updated 10/19/2009!
Thursday's EP3 Update Updated 10/22/2009!
EP3 Update - Lumpy's Got Some New Moves! Updated 10/23/2009!
Monday's EP Update Updated 10/26/2009!
Meet Zynx! Updated 10/27/2009!
EP3 Beta Underway! 11/01/2009!
Meet Zynx Part 3 ... and Monday's EP3 Update 11/02/2009!
Friday's EP Update 11/06/2009!
Monday's EP3 Update 11/09/09!
Wednesday's EP3 Update! 11/11/09!
EP3 - Lumpy's Best Friend - Submitted! 11/16/09!
Episode 3 - Lumpy's Best Friend is OUT! 12/02/09!

Friday, October 2, 2009

EP2 Video Goodness!

Poor Ben, the guy can't seem to get a break. Despite all the insane hours he's been working during the last few weeks to put EP2 together and the work underway to get EP3 going, the Lumpster's been quite demanding about getting promo stuff together for EP2. He's very eager to spread the word about EP2 to all his fans.

I thought I'd be spared from his royal blueness, but nope, no such luck for me. Earlier this week, the Lumpster gave me the "Have you posted the trailer for EP2 yet?" look. I was already working on it when I got the look from Lumpy, but it wasn't quite ready at the time. He's been after me ever since.

Well, thanks to help I got from Herman and Ben, the video is now ready for prime time! Wahoo!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

EP2 Screenshots!

Upon arriving at work today, Lumpy gave me a look. The "Have you posted any screenshots of EP2 yet?" look. You would think with all the EP3: Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? planning I've been doing, the boy would cut me some slack. But alas, Stars are a demanding bunch.

So, as his royalness has requested via a look... some screenies of the submitted episode! If you also want to see some more, we have them posted on the QuitIt! website here.

The video is also now posted! To check it out, poke on over to here. We'll also post more deets on the EP2 features.

"Okay, maybe I won't eat those Lumpy Ohhs!"

"That looks delish!"

Lumpy Shoot

Poke Attack

Looks like Lumpy is surrounded by new friends!?