Monday, June 1, 2009

FAQ - Lumpy


Q. Am I hurting Lumpy when I poke him?
A. No. Lumpy is a professional actor. He gets paid to do this. And he does his own stunts. The emotions you see on his face are the product of his method acting style, with a dash of primal scream therapy. Lumpy digs deep into his psyche to bring you those expressions.

Q. What is Lumpy?
A. Lumpy is an alien.

Q. Where’s Lumpy from?
A. Lumpy is from a planet called Zgrunturos.

Q. What's Lumpy’s real name?
A. Lumpy’s Agent said it sounds like “Lumptacius Hrudkovity.” No one is exactly sure if this is correct since we don’t speak Zgrunturian.

Q. We have a problem with non-union actors taking jobs away from union workers. Is Lumpy a member of SAG?
A. According to his Agent, Lumpy is a card-carrying member.

Q. Is Lumpy here on Earth legally? Is Lumpy considered an illegal alien?
A. Lumpy’s Agent assures us everything is cool and he has double-checked with SETI about it. Why would Lumpy’s Agent lie to us, right? Right?!

Q. Lumpy’s kinda cute, is he single?
A. Lumpy is a single father, but he’s currently not interested in relationships.

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