Monday, June 1, 2009

FAQ - How to Enable Emoji

How to Enable Emoji


It was removed at the request of Apple.

If you haven't unlocked unlocked emoji yet in QuitIt!, check out the How to Unlock Emoji FAQ first!

After you get the emoji Gift and open it (very important!), do the following to enable the emoji feature on your device:

Press the HOME key to leave QuitIt! and then follow the directions below.

1. Tap the Settings icon (highlighted in yellow).
2. Tap General.

3. Tap Keyboard.
4. Tap International Keyboards.

5. Tap Japanese (You may need to scroll down or up the list by swiping the screen up or down with your finger to find the Japanese keyboard setting.).
6. Move the slider on Emoji to the right.

7. The slider should now be set to ON. This enables the emoji characters!
8. Press the HOME key to leave the Settings screen. That’s it!

1. To use your new emoji characters, tap the Globe icon (it's highlighted in yellow for this FAQ, but it will actually be gray on your keyboard) once to the left of the Space key to reveal the emoji keyboard. This Globe will appear when you use the keyboard in any default Apple apps like Messages, Mail, Safari and Notes.
2. That’s it! Enjoy the emoji!


These emoji can be seen only by other iPhone or iPod touch users. Other mobile phone, PC, and Mac users will be unable to see them because these emoji characters are not supported on those platforms!

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