Tuesday, June 2, 2009

FAQ - Known Issues

- There is an issue where the app can crash while navigating through the OpenFeint page or when attempting to return to the app from OpenFeint. This is due to a memory leak in OpenFeint. We will update this issue as soon as OpenFeint provides a fix for it. The crash occurs most frequently if the user has SANTA'S ROD OF ENFORCEMENT or PUCKER UP! poker equipped before going into OpenFeint

- One of our Beta Testers reported that there is frame skipping in Lumpy Bounce. This will be fixed in EP5.

- Fly Catcher Achievement is missing from the Achievement screen. You can complete the achievement and the in game achievement message will appear and recognize it as being complete (as will OpenFeint); you just can't see it in the Stats>Achievement screen. This will be fixed in EP5

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