Tuesday, June 2, 2009

FAQ - Zynx


Q. What is Zynx?
A. Zynx is a toy dog and he knows a few tricks.

Q. How do I get rid of Zynx?
A. There are two ways to get rid of Zynx.

1. As with any interactive gift, you can get rid of Zynx by feeding it to Lumpy (it's ok, he's a toy). This is the quickest way. Lumpy will shake his head the first three times you try to feed him but on the fourth attempt, Lumpy will eat the toy dog.

2. The other way is to keep throwing Zynx in the air (you must throw him high enough that he is off screen) 50 times.

Q. What are Zynx's tricks?
A. Zynx can do 5 different tricks: Beg, Rollover, Flip, Fetch and Fly.

Beg - Like all dog owners, Lumpy has taught Zynx to beg. To get Zynx to beg, hold LIL' SQUEAKER above his head.

Rollover - Another common dog trick that Lumpy taught Zynx is to rollover. To get Zynx to rollover, place your finger just below Zynx and slide your finger to the left or right. Zynx will rollover in the same direction.

Note: If you are close to the edge (wall) and swipe in that direction, Zynx will ignore the command because he does not want to roll into the wall.

Flip - To get Zynx to flip, simply tap 3 times anywhere on the screen above his head.

Fetch - If you toss LIL' SQUEAKER, Zynx will run to it and toss it back to you.

Fly - One unique trick that Zynx can do is fly. Toss Zynx in the air past the top of the screen 5 times in a row.

To get 2 Zynx's to fly at the same time, buy 2 Zynxs and then alternate tossing each Zynx in the air 5 times.

Here is a video of Zynx's tricks

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