Monday, June 1, 2009

FAQ - What's Quitit!?

What's QuitIt!?

Q. What's QuitIt!?
A. QuitIt! is an entertainment app packed full of different kinds of fun.
  • Relieve stress! Feeling frustrated or annoyed at your sibling, co-worker, boss, or significant other? Take it out on Lumpy instead and feel your stress melt away!
  • Play a game! Have a few minutes to spare? Play with Lumpy to get more coins or play one of the Minigames and try to beat the highest score!
  • Play with Lumpy! Wanna be Lumpy’s BFF? Be nice to him by feeding him his favorite snack or dress him up with accessories. Give him a toy or tickle him to make him happy!
  • It’s a daily planner. Important days to remember? Secret ones to hide? Use our calendar so you don’t miss a beat!

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