Tuesday, June 2, 2009

FAQ - Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy

Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy

Q. Who is Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy?
A. Contrary to popular belief, Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy is actually the spider. No hamsters were harmed in the development of this episode. The hamster skull you see is actually a plastic replica. If it looks realistic to you, it is due to our awesome artist's re-creation.

Q. What can I do with Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy?
A. Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy is sort of a unique gift in itself. Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy can be a non-interactive gift or two different interactive gifts.

1. If you do not touch the hamster box when it is revealed, the hamster box will expire like a normal non-interactive gift.

2. When the hamster box is revealed, tap 3 times on the hamster box, a hamster skull falls out. Touch the hamster skull and the hamster skull is your interactive gift.

3. If you tap 3 times on the hamster box, but do not touch the hamster skull, a spider (Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy) will eventually come out of the box and you will be able to interact with Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy.

- You can swipe at Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy when he is dangling from the ceiling.
- Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy reacts to you touching him.
- Touch or swipe Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy 3 times in a row and he will spin a spider web.
- Get interactive gifts stuck on the spider web and see what happens!

Here's a video of Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy

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