Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Episode 2 - Shock and Oww is OUT!

Lumpy wants to let all his fans know that EP2’s been approved by Apple and is now available for immediate download from the iTunes App Store!

He would like to thank all his fans for their patience, and thinks that everyone will enjoy all the new features.

Speaking of which, he just gave me the “Come on already and tell everyone what’s in EP2!” look. So without further ado, here’s a quick summary of the goodies packed into EP2:
  • A brand spankin' new feature: Minigames!
  • Over 20 Pokers to tease or please Lumpy with, including our very first full featured poker: the zaptastic Joy Buzzer!
  • Longer lasting Pokers
  • More than 15 Gifts, including 2 interactive Gifts!
  • Dress up Lumpy with accessories ... if you can find them!
  • Wacky Room Themes to buy!
  • Holiday Room Themes to brighten up Lumpy's day!?
  • See how Lumpy feels with the Mood Meter
  • Tilt and shake to tease Lumpy!
  • Stats and Achievements
  • A bunch of secrets ... can you find them all?
  • Lumpy gives back! Yep, Lumpy wanted us to hide a special gift in the game for you!


  1. Got some sort of achievement for Joy Buzzer.. But no clue on how to get that secret. And how do I dress Lumpy? Can't seem to find the secrets.

  2. Lumpy says he’s sorry if we made the secrets too difficult to find. He had his Agent read us the riot act and made us promise to make them easier in future updates. Or we’d all get Joy Buzz’d.

    The achievement for the Joy Buzzer is the finality. A finality is a special “easter egg” animation you can trigger. To trigger the finality, please go to the FAQ and look under the Pokers section. Or go directly to http://lumpyspad.blogspot.com/2007/07/faq-pokers.html.

    In order to dress up Lumpy you first need to find the secrets! Once found, go to the Gift Store and buy the Accessory for him. When the Gift appears and it is opened, the Accessory will be on Lumpy! Accessories last for a limited time, usually around 5 minutes or so. Future episodes will have a special place which will allow you do dress up Lumpy more easily.

    To help you out, we’ll tell you how to unlock “WALK THE PLANK” (pirates hat)! Throw the box of LUMPY OHHS hard enough off the wall to bounce back and forth, hitting the walls 3 times or more without hitting the ground. If you need more help, let us know. Most of the Secrets are related to the Achievements.

    We will be revealing all the Secrets in the next couple of days so check back here or the QuitIt! website (www.quititthegame.com)!