Friday, October 16, 2009

A Lumpy Upgrade Request

I found out the other day that someone did not want to upgrade to EP2 because the icon has Lumpy in a distressed state. Compared to the Pilot Episode, where Lumpy is all smiles. She didn't not want to see an electrified state of cute and adorable Lumpy.

We've realized that some people feel really bad about hurting Lumpy, because they like him so much. We even found that this feeling would even affect which Pokers they chose to use on the Lumpster. For example, MIGRAINE RELIEVER bad. PLASTIK-O FLAMINGO good.

But fear not people. Lumpy is a trained actor. We can assure that while things appear to really hurt him, it's acting! And if you're feeling bad, it just shows you that Lumpy's got the chops!

EP3's icon will be a friendlier icon ... and the update will also have more things that you can make Lumpy happy with. So those with a guilty conscious ... soon you'll be able to smoother him with good things.

When Lumpy heard that a fan didn't want to update because of the icon, he was in tears. After all, the boy spent weeks under the hot lights of the set during the production of it. He wanted to personally address her, to let her know he's okay.

Since she wrote this in Japanese, it is only fair that Lumpy replies 日本語で. Japanese after all, was the first Earthling language that he learned.

So Lumpy says to that fan 「アップグレードしませんでしょうか?お願いします。」


  1. Lumpy's doing okay now ... as he received word that she'll upgrade tonite :)!

  2. What does it say in Japanese? Just wondering...

    OMG, I know a poker that will definitely make Lumpy happy. An ice cream-like poker. First, it makes Lumpy happy then it makes him very cold. Happy expression then after like 50-100 pokes, he's freezing. That is the ultimate happy/unhappy poker there is to be ;-)

  3. 本語で - In Japanese
    「ウップグレードしませんでしょうか?お願いします。」 - Roughly means ... "Will you upgrade, please?"

    Ice cream is a nice one. What if you'll either see happy or freezing reactions ... then in the end, for the finality, you get brain freeze (blissfully)? :D.

    Great idea, keep 'em coming!

  4. I like that idea. Yeah, I like to him happy at first then sad. It would be a poker that can do both... not sure if other pokers can do that. I do like the brain freeze, or have his teeth chatter.

    Oh, since Lumpy can speak some Japanese, you guys should have him speak it in when he gets frustrated or something. It can be an unlockable feature on the store. That would be nice.

  5. Will need to think about this ... if we give him both happy and then sad based on conditions. It is definitely doable, but it has some other restrictions. For example, right now, specialized Lumpy anims like in the JOY BUZZER and soon to be in BRAIN FOOD, ALAKAZAM!, and WHO'S BAD have 2 new sets of getting poked/tickled and saying QuitIt! If we did sad then happy (or vice versa) that would mean only 1 set per. But we could only have him say "QuitIt!" in one of those situations. This is done because of memory.

    And speaking Japanese ... we do plan on doing something like that :D!

  6. Another fan that speaks Japanese cited that we improperly spelled "upgrade" in Japanese and that a better way for Lumpy to have asked would have been:


    We corrected the spelling of upgrade in the posting (but not in our comment reply above).

    We hope they understand that Lumpy is neither fluent nor proficient in Japanese. He can clumsily get around ... and of course watch and understand Japanese Game Shows! That said, he is fluent in well over 100 alien languages.