Monday, October 26, 2009

Lumpy's Hungry Pho Sure!

All of the recent cleaning has apparently caused Lumpy to build up quite the appetite. The boy eats a lot. Every day, he probably woofs down a good 7-10 meals. He claims his weight is the exact same compared to when he first hopped on Earth. Especially since he's been practicing some new moves for EP3. But I swear he's put on a few.

On top of the increased appetite, San Francisco has also gotten a little chillier. This has set off the Perfect Storm for increasing Lumpy's cravings for his favorite food here on Earth ... pho. Lumpy is insatiable when it comes to pho. Before, he would demand it daily. Now, he is asking for it nearly every meal. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem. Except everyone in the office has left it up to me to be the go guy when it comes to pho. Today, after lunch, I demanded people at the office step up and either find a replacement food that will spark Lumpy's attentions or find something that will sate his penchant for pho. To help drive the point across, I locked everyone in a conference room for 1 hour ... while Lumpy incessantly chirped "Lumpi ha pho tabetai."

When I unlocked the door, I was suddenly greeted by a much more understanding look from everyone. I'm thinking someone will have a solution soon!

Seriously, what the pho!?

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