Monday, October 12, 2009

Lumpy Trivia Contest Promo Code Giveaway Result!

Lumpy wants to thank everyone that participated in the Trivia Contest! He hopes it was fun. Some people mentioned they felt it was a little too hard. Lumpy apologizes if you think it was ... but is happy that now you know a little bit more about him!

Here are the answers to the contest:

Question 1: Where is Lumpy originally from?
Answer: Lumpy comes from Zgrunturos where he was an ex-child star. The answer could be found here.

Question 2: Who was the person Lumpy thought had it in for him?
Answer: Montezuma. After eating a burrito, his first food on Earth, Lumpy found it didn't quite agree with him. After the concept of Montezuma's revenge was mentioned to him, he couldn't figure out why some being name Montezuma was after him. The answer could be found here.

Question 3: What documentary made Lumpy go into hiding?
Answer: District 9. Lumpy was disturbed on how poorly the aliens were treated in this documentary. After viewing it, he believed the MNU was after him and went into hiding. The answer could be found here.

Question 4: Which show did Lumpy's Agent stop the production of EP2 on in order to watch?
Answer: The Oprah Winfrey Show. We all have our guilty pleasures. And if yours happens to be Oprah Winfrey as well. We won't judge. The answer could be found here.

Question 5: What chemical did Lumpy's Agent say was okay for his client, and what was it going to be used for?
Answer: Brilliant Blue G and blue augmentation therapy. When rumors had it that Lumpy was a candidate to be the stunt double for the Blue M&M, questions arose as to how Lumpy would manage it since their skin tones are slightly different. The answer could be found here.

And now our winners!

All our winners are from TouchArcade, although one of them did submit their entry via e-mail! The winners, in order of getting the answers right are:

  • gac
  • zvnthynn
  • 5duc29

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