Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday's EP3 Update ... Who's Badder?

This is our first Monday EP3 update. It has been a few days since you're heard any deets on EP3. After our submission to Apple and our release of EP2, we've been spending most of our time planning it. Since we're a small company, it unfortunately means people wear many hats and things can, at times, take longer than expected. But fortunately we have Lumpy to remind us that his needs are priority.

We are going for a more modest update with EP3. This doesn't mean that we're going to water down the episode. We just want to try and get a version out around Halloween, since there are some Halloween themed items here.

Two of the bigger features we are putting into EP3 are Open Feint and more ways to make Lumpy happy. This will include having Lumpy's idle be happy too, when his meter is happy. We are also slowly updating Lumpy to have specific reactions to pokers.

Take this for example.

Lumpy likes MJ. And as a tribute to him, he wanted the first "happy" Poker to be augmented to be Who's Bad.

Here is a small video clip to show you the craziness we have in store. The first part shows how Lumpy currently reacts to Who's Bad. The last part shows what it may look like soon! And also remember that each pimped out Poker will have a special finality animation that you have to discover!

EP3 will have 3 pokers upgraded. In honor of Halloween, one will be Brain Food. We're still selecting the other one.

Thoughts on the newer Lumpy animations to Pokers to come?

So Who's Badder now? Lumpy!


  1. I can't wait! EP3 seems great!

  2. Thanks! We'll post some more video examples soon!

  3. lol thats awesome! who knew that lumpy could move like that, im sure MJ would be proud :P dont feel rushed to get EP3 out so fast, you guys take all the time you need, cus if EP2 taught us anything, its that AWESOME things come to thoes who wait :P

  4. The finality is pretty funny on it too. Let's just say it involves a Moon Dance. Or at least Lumpy's version of one! Thanks for the kind note on the timing of things. This time of year gets tricky, because Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all have loads of fun themes!
    Oh BTW, we probably won't do the Grim Reaper hand this round ... sorry :(. Mainly because we want at least 2 positive ones ... hope you understand!

  5. Lumpy is happy you think he's good! But he has been acting a bit strange lately. Hmmm, it's lunch time ... and he's asking for pho again!

  6. thats cool about the grim hand. im sure what everyou guys comeup with will make me smile :P yeah i can see how this time is gunna be hectic....way to many events and whatnot going around. seems the only thing i can say to that is good luck

  7. Thanks! Time is flying by. We're rolling with it tho. I'll try and post some Alakazam Lumpy reactions!