Friday, October 2, 2009

EP2 Video Goodness!

Poor Ben, the guy can't seem to get a break. Despite all the insane hours he's been working during the last few weeks to put EP2 together and the work underway to get EP3 going, the Lumpster's been quite demanding about getting promo stuff together for EP2. He's very eager to spread the word about EP2 to all his fans.

I thought I'd be spared from his royal blueness, but nope, no such luck for me. Earlier this week, the Lumpster gave me the "Have you posted the trailer for EP2 yet?" look. I was already working on it when I got the look from Lumpy, but it wasn't quite ready at the time. He's been after me ever since.

Well, thanks to help I got from Herman and Ben, the video is now ready for prime time! Wahoo!


  1. Wow- that is amazing! I can't believe how good it looks and how cute. Great job...

  2. Thanks! Lumpy almost cried when I read him your comments. Almost ... because he spied a box of Lumpy Ohhs and then ate them.