Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What the Pho!?

When Lumpy's Agent is not around, by default, I become Lumpy's handler. During the slightest mention of money, contract, sequel, etc ... his Agent miraculously appears. Other than that, he's no where to be found.

When Lumpy first came to Earth, everyone in the office quickly volunteered me to put him up. So not only do I share an office with the Lumpster, I also live with him. Which can be challenging.

The TV always seems to bark out re-runs of Oprah, he is always inviting over his quirky wanna be actor friends, and he devours all of my food. The boy eats a lot. I mean a lot. If I leave anything in the fridge or cupboards, the food is good as gone. And when there is no food, he's always asking me to go with him to get some.

Since the completion of EP2, he's apparently built up quite the appetite. I guess all of the hours method acting his way around the Joy Buzzer burned up a lot of calories.

Day in and day out. Home or office. Lumpy keeps giving me the puppy eyes and says "Lumpi ha pho tabetai." Don't get me wrong. I like pho. I really do. But not as much as Lumpy does!

Any suggestions on what to do?


  1. Clearly you should buy lumpy a pho dispensor

  2. Hmm, that's a good idea! With Ben's smarts, I bet he'll figure out some way to satisfy the Lumpster's cravings for pho! :)

  3. now i want a pho gift for lumpy! sould fit in perfectly with EP3, but then again some pipeing hot poe on a stick would make a good way of tormenting the little guy :P

  4. Hmm, pho in EP3. Could be a possibility :)! Hahahaa, pho on a stick. That's funny. I'm imaging the hot broth burning poor Lumpy.

    On another note I think I may have figured a way to sate our boy Lumpy of his love of pho!

  5. I agree! Make Pho in ep3! That would be amazing! Give the Pho poker like 60 pokes(a very low number) then at the end, it becomes a Pho gift you can feed to Lumpy! DO IT! :D

  6. Wow saintsalive, that is a good suggestion. Hmm .. I want to just do it but I need to think of how right now. We limit the types of objects we have on screen. So a poker that can spawn a gift would have its limits. Lemme think about this! But don't mention a word to Lumpy! If he here's things like pho he ... oh great ... he just showed up!