Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday's EP3 Update

A little late in the day for this update, but I wanted to get some news out. We're close to starting our Beta test. Project time right now is being divided amongst debugging of some of our data from the tool update, getting our new minigame, Lumpy Hoops, balanced, adding in support for Lumpy's toy dog, Zynx, and of course a slew of other things!

Ideally, we want to submit EP3 at the end of this week. We are then going to try and crank through a really quick EP4 for another release before Thanksgiving.

Our goal for these back to back releases is not only to get out new content, but also to hit Thanksgiving with some fun Thanksgiving themed items!

At the same time, we don't want to compromise the level of polish that is currently in the game!

I'll post the next EP3 update once we start Beta testing!


  1. OMG! i cant wait for this EP :P i know its not going to be as huge as EP2 but i still cant contain myself! you guys are awesome!

    a back to back release, your gunna be cutting it pretty close, what with the wait for approval and whatnot.

    so now on to my question :P what is beta testing? i know what is it from various online games, but how do u manage to do it for an app? anyway, look forward to hearing your responce, good luck :)

  2. Thanks for the compliment! Working with a Star like Lumpy is fun, so it makes working on the project easier! Plus we love getting comments from you guys ... so that makes it fun too :)!

    It will be cutting it close, but what we're also doing is generating the artwork for EP4 right now. This is because art is the slowest part. You're right tho on the timing ... but we're up for the challenge!

    About beta testing ... for iPhone dev, we have a few people that have volunteered their time for Lumpy. We give them what's called an ad hoc build that they download thru iTunes. They will then use that build (as well as other ones we give them during the testing period) and give us feedback as well as report back on bugs/issues. We take their feedback and make adjustments to the game. Beta testing is a valuable step in helping to improve the game experience.

    For EP1 we basically did a really small beta test. Too small. For EP2, we worked with more people and got a lot of great feedback. EP3 is an even bigger group. We're looking forward to the feedback we're gonna get from them! Each episode should get better and better with the help of everyone!

  3. i see, thanks for your quick responce, and sorry i caused you to type so much :)

  4. No problem! Did it answer your question? I'm the programmer here for QuitIt! ... so I type fast :D!