Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

This is Lumpy's first Halloween here on Earth. On his home planet, Zgrunturos, they have holidays. But none like Halloween. He's tickled blue at the concept of dressing up and going out trick or treating. No one here at the office had the courage to tell him that trick or treating is only for the 'lil ones. Although Lumpy, by Zgrunturian standards, is still a young adult, he's acting very much like a little kid!

We took a few pictures of him earlier today, trying on his outfit for later tonight. And what did Lumpy want to do after a few hours of trying on costumes? You guessed it. The boy wanted to eat some pho. I will find a way to cure him of his pho habit!


  1. i LOVE the mini lumpy toy :D its so cute! and i cant wait for lumpy hoops, would i be off if i quessed it was a sports game? anyway im really excited about EP3 you guys are allways so nice and awesome too!

    now that im done complementing you i wont feel bad when i say i have more cash than you :O....unless theres an extra 0 after that 1....


  2. Yep, it's a quasi sports game! Thanks again. We really appreciate your support. Lumpy always gets misty eyed when we read him your comments!

    Hmm .. more cash then me ... I could always code in an extra 0 or two on my version :D!

  3. you could do that....but that wont give you that wounderful sence of fullfillment now would it :)

    well anyway i am really looking forward to openfeint!i know im late but the vid you posted earlier really shown us much more than just the new poker animations, i love having all the mini games in one location, and i see that lumpy no longer acts scared even when the mood meter is in the green.

    small things make all the diffrence *but big things that are shiny are good too*

  4. Well ... sigh ... you're right about that. I started to type in the extra 3 zero's, but thought about what you said. And stopped.

    You're being too observant! I guess I pretty much had no choice but to show the menu system. Glad you're looking forward to OF. It will be interesting to see some of the scores when they start to post!

    Big shiny things? Like an airplane?

  5. an airplane :D that would be cool, a huge jet to poke lumpy with, or maybe a toy that you can throw and it flys around lumpy and makes him all dizzy.

  6. Hahaha ... we have an idea for another flying object as a Christmas gift for Lumpy. But stay tuned ... gonna do a posting a bit later that isn't quite as exciting a plane flying around or poking Lumpy ... but it has shiny parts!