Friday, October 23, 2009

EP3 Update - Lumpy's Got Some New Moves!

We've started the transition of giving Lumpy new poked/tickled reactions to the Pokers. This first started with the JOY BUZZER and recently was followed up by WHO'S BAD?. This week, we were putting the finishing touches on two newer Lumpy animation sets: ALKAZAM! and BRAIN FOOD.

We thought now would be a good time to give everyone a peek into what these are looking like. It also shows you the craziness we can get into the QuitIt!

All newer Lumpy animation sets to Pokers have a hidden finality. These ones are pretty funny. Let's just say they involve Moon Walking, a unicorn, and a graveyard!

Since we decided to forgo hitting Halloween due to our Perfect Storm of issues, we're going to pimp out EP3 more than we wanted to by trying to get a couple of more animation sets in the game. We'll keep you posted!

Each episode will give you newer Lumpy animation reaction sets to Pokers.


  1. Nice, except the eye popping out. I don't like that one.

  2. i have some mixed feelings about this one....i love the "frog" lumpy, i think thats awesome! *even better if it can be permanent* but i dont like the eye popping out dosent seem to fit in with the Quitit feel.....dont get me wrong i like the new effects, but i dont think that dismemberment is gunna fit in well :(

  3. Thanks for the feedback! I sent word to the Lumpy's animator today to get that eyeball back inside Lumpy! Instead, we'll just have his eyes go bloodshot. Lumpy's happier that way since he said it was "uncomfortable". We appreciate you guys flagging it for us up front!

  4. Sorry Mr. Crazy ... think we'll end up having a split camp on this one ... but we're prolly better off on the side of being more conservative here. We'll make it up to you one way or another :D!

  5. I just a sick person. I like gore :).