Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lumpy's Halloween Wallpaper!

For EP3, Lumpy has been zombie-fied quite a few times. And he's getting quite used to it. When he heard about our Earthling holiday called Halloween and realized it had a relationship to zombies, he suggested we make a wallpaper for you guys to enjoy. We have 3 different varieties for you enjoyment!

You should be able to download these images. If you're not sure how, ask! Lumpy and the 2n team wishes everyone a Happy Halloween! Okay, it's early ... but it's fun!


  1. Thanks for the great wallpapers!! I've already saved them all and have one set up. It looks great!

    I have a suggestion for a poker. I'm an archaeologist and I would love to see an archaeologists trowel poker! It could be called the "Golden Marshalltown". There's a pretty funny story behind that name by an archaeologist named Kent Flannery (Look it up if you don't believe me).

    To see what they look like just go to google images and search for archaeology trowel. they have the triangular shaped blade.

    Anyway, I love the game. It a fun way to pass the time.

  2. Matt, glad you liked them! We'll be making more for everyone as the Holidays come around!

    I looked up "Golden Marshalltown". It's quirky enuf it's AWESOME! What we're going to do every episode is add in specific Lumpy animation to the Pokers. Lumpy's distorted animations towards the JOY BUZZER is what you have in EP2. EP3 will give you three more. What would you see happening for when he gets poked with The GOLDEN MARSHALLTOWN? Like he sort of does stuff from Indiana Jones?

    Keep an eye for MONTEZUMA'S REVENGE which will show up as a purchasable holiday in EP3. Hahaha ... but we're not archaeologists ... so hopefully we didn't make too many mistakes! Feel free to let us know, we can always correct it later and it'd be good for a laugh here!

    All of us over here, especially Lumpy are glad you like the game! Visit back to our blog whenever you have the time!

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  4. Thanks! We'll be making more soon!

  5. Maybe he could throw up random things when poked by the trowel. Possibly some treasure that is worth a little money once in a while, Indiana Jones' hat or whip, a snake, little clumps of dirt that break up when they hit the floor (some could have gold coins in them), or a grail, just to name a few (I could go on...). Maybe a wearable hat could be unlocked using the trowel (kind of like the emoji).

    It's nice to see a group of developers respond so positively to ideas!

  6. Matt, the only part that is more difficult for us would be to give a little treasure (as in if we actually reward monetary points). Other stuff is easily manageable!

    We love hearing suggestions and getting feedback. While we obviously have some zany ideas ... we're know other people have really good ideas as well! They're always fun to hear.

    I really like the idea of the GOLDEN MARSHALLTOWN. In an odd way, it fits into the bizarreness of QuitIt!. It may take 2-3 episodes to fold it in (since we have a queue of stuff), but don't be surprised if you see it soon.

    Maybe they get an Indy style hat as the unlock!

  7. Ha Ha I love these wallpapers. Who knew that Lumpy could actually look kind of spooky, especially for a big lovable marshmallow!

  8. Glad you like them! Shhhh ... if he heard you refer to him as a marshmallow, he'd ask me to go with him to get ANOTHER bowl of pho! Lumpy's been doing a lot of method acting to get into his role as a zombie.