Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lumpy's Helping Out!

Lumpy's a Star. And on top of that, he's an ex-child Star. Which means that growing up, his sense of responsibility was skewed. Being the meal ticket to his Mom as well as to the various media execs resulted in a kid that has no concept of household chores.

When Lumpy first arrived here on Earth, I was the person elected to give him a place to stay. This has been challenging in more ways than one. From the grocery bills, his eclectic taste in TV programming, and the strange friends. And on top of it all. Lumpy doesn't do his share of the chores.

When it comes down to any form of manual labor around the apartment, Lumpy doesn't lift a finger. Okay, he doesn't have fingers ... but I've thought many a time that it sure would be nice if he pitched in every now and then. Especially since the upkeep on a blue blobby alien is quite high.

Recently, however, things have changed. It all started when I was awoken by a strange sound. When I went out into the living room to investigate, I was amazed to find one Lumptacius Hrudkovity vacuuming! Over the last few days, Lumpy has been quite helpful. Not only has he vacuumed, but he's also done dishes, and even cleaned the bathroom! Lumpy has somehow transformed into quite the helpful little alien!

When asked as to why he was suddenly helping out, he told me that his new friends suggested to him that on top of acting, he may be good at being a cleaner. They've already apparently have been offering him cleaning gigs. But, Lumpy said, he wanted to practice before accepting ... so he wouldn't let anyone down when he started to clean professionally.

Not sure if it's empathy gained from watching all of those episodes of Oprah or solely from the influence of his new friends. But this is a welcome change in Lumpy! And if the changes are due to his new friends ... they're alright in my book!

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