Friday, August 28, 2009

Lumpy’s Guilty Pleasure – The Oprah Winfrey Show

When Lumpy isn’t occupying his time surfing the net or eating pho, he watches a lot of daytime TV. Lately it’s been reruns of Oprah.

Lumpy claims he’s just doing research to try and get closer to his fans on Earth by understanding them more.

We’re all convinced he’s addicted to Oprah. Whenever it gets near the time of her show, Lumpy gets restless and wants to get off the stage set. Just in case he can’t get off the stage, he makes sure that one of the interns Tivo’s the show for him. He’s also been looking at past episodes on YouTube as well.

The Lumpster says he can’t wait for the show’s season premiere on September 14th. He’s really looking forward to Oprah’s interview with Whitney Houston.

Lumpy really identifies with Whitney because she’s had a tough showbiz life, just like Lumpy back on Zgrunturos. His eyes well up with tears when he says that he’s so glad that she’s gotten away from Bobby Brown…

It’s a bit scary tho’ to hear Lumpy’s devotion to Oprah. In fact, he’s saying “Today on Oprah…” more than pho recently…

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