Friday, August 7, 2009

Daily Delish - Cupcake

“Lumpi ha pho tabetai.”

“Lumpi ha pho tabetai.”

“Lumpi ha pho tabetai.”

Is what our interns have been hearing at meal times recently. It’s not a unreasonable request, as ph isn’t some exotic food derived from an endangered species or a demand for a bowl of brown M&M’s without any red ones.

In any event, a production assistant intern responsible for stocking up the staff breakroom went out to a local bakery and bought some cupcakes. She thought the Lumpster would enjoy the little sugary frosted delicacy and offered him one that was masterfully decorated with colorful candy sprinkles.

Lumpy approached the cupcake and freaked out momentarily. At first, we couldn’t figure out why he reacted that way to a seemingly harmless snacky cake. Once we paid close attention to the cake, we realized what was wrong.

Our intern thought the little kitty decoration on the cake was cute, and gave it to him. Unfortunately for Lumpy, the kitty reminded him of one of the lovely Gifts on the show. The infamous Colonel Tso’s Chicken.

Once removed, Lumpy devoured it with gusto.

Lumpy’s verdict on the cupcake? “Temporarily delish.”

This moment of gustative pleasure was clearly short-lived.

“Demo Lumpi ha mada pho tabetai.”*

“Demo Lumpi ha mada pho tabetai.”

“Demo Lumpi ha mada pho tabetai.”

Could be heard in the studio hallways as he hopped away to the Green Room.

Rolling his eyes, Lumpy’s Agent said, “At least my client is saying something different...”

*「デモ ランピー ハ マダ フォー タベタイ」

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