Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tale of the Tazer

The crew here at 2n HQ have been busy as of late, what with the tending to an intergalactic star and preparing for the next episode of QuitIt! and all. A couple of days of ago, the balance of power was decided by the click of a mouse. Members of Touch Arcade voted the tazer to be included as a Poker in the next update.

Earlier research by a now ex-intern found this bad boy. But really, is that much zapp-tastic power really needed in an electronic stimulating device? Heeding Lumpy’s sagely advice of “tazing responsibly,” we took it upon ourselves to build our own. A kinder, more gentler tazer. But with an edge.

Behold the results of our endeavors!

We’re running a poll here at Lumpy’s Pad and at Touch Arcade to determine which one of these instruments of high voltage zappery will teasingly taze our pal Lumpy. Note that this tazing taunt is a “Drive Stun” model.

Cast your vote on the poll at the sidebar to the right! Votes will be combined with the votes accrued from Touch Arcade. Sure, this means you can vote twice. But we’re all honest folks now, aren’t we!?

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