Wednesday, August 12, 2009

OFFICIAL: Lumpy is HAWT! Da Blue is back?!

Loyal fans of Lumpy have spoken and voted him as being officially HAWT over the Blue M&M! Sorry Blue, maybe next time! Lumpy would like to thank his supporters for their votes, and asks them to ignore the slanderous accusations that he rigged the Tazer poll. Lumpy says he’s asked his Agent to hire some PI’s to get to the bottom of this.

On related news, Green and Blue were seen noshing a hot dog together in Midtown Manhattan yesterday, so looks like rumors of Green and Lumpy were just that – rumors. Or were they? When questioned about Lumpy, Green quipped between nibbles of sauerkraut, “Lumpy and I were just friends. Vanessa should call me up. We girls gotta talk about her new blue friend.”

Oddly enough, Lumpy’s Agent notified us earlier this morning that the talks for Lumpy becoming Blue’s stunt double have officially ended. Blue could not be reached for comment.

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