Monday, August 3, 2009

Daily Delish - Bánh Mì Ga

Lumpy has been slowly taking a liking to our food here on Earth. Despite some missteps like the Burrito Incident, he likes to try something new every day. Today, we took him to this little Vietnamese place down the street from our studio.

Once we sat down at our table, he spied someone eating a torpedo-shaped sandwich that must have reminded him of a spaceship from back home on Zgrunturos. Perhaps feeling a bit homesick, he said he wanted one of those.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Lumpy got a Bánh mì Ga sandwich whilst the rest of us ordered Ph, Vietnam’s famous noodle soup dish. Lumpys thoughts on his lunch time treat? “Delish.”

We couldnt help noticing that Lumpy was intrigued by the “...carbohydrate strands with protein supplements in low viscosity liquid… that we were eating. When he asked what we were eating, an intern blurted out, Ph, man!

Lumpy looked confused and hurt. And quickly grew silent. For a moment, we thought the blue guy was going to lock himself into the restaurant’s bathroom.

We are now determining what type of disciplinary action to take against this intern, including and up to dismissal for accosting our star.

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