Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Poll Update: Tazer C in the lead! C FTW!

So I checked our poll to see how myyyyyyy precioooooousssss C was doing in the voting, and I was surprised because it was suddenly in the lead (27 at the time of this post!). ZOMG!

Earlier in the day, I was resigned to the possibility that B would win again (sob). Oh, the humanity! But looks like C’s supporters are legion and know a good Tazer when they see one (yes!). To all C lovers out there, I salute you!

And no, unlike some blue Zgrunturian who’s starring in his own game show, I didn’t rig the vote! The guys in the office are throwing suspicious looks in my direction tho'. Well, it wasn't ME!

Speaking of poles…or was it polls? The earlier post about Miley Cyrus reminded me of something…

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