Saturday, August 15, 2009

Daily Dish SHOCKER – Lumpy dropped from the Twilight sequel?!

Our celebrity sleuths have uncovered information that Lumpy had a semi-starring role in the Twilight movie sequel New Moon! But the shocking revelation here is that Lumpy’s role in the film is now on the cutting floor!!

According to sources, everything was apparently all hunky-dory earlier in this year, with principal filming progressing swimmingly, as can be seen from the exclusive still photo from the movie presented here. Lumpy was cast to play a secret member of the Volturi coven. But alas, Twilight production insiders say Twilight heart-throb Robert Pattinson went ballistic, Christian Bale-style due to increasing on set friction with the Lumpster.

Our insiders say that the RPattz couldn’t deal with Lumpy’s star power on the set, claiming that the Lumpster was allegedly “sabotaging my scenes, man. It’s f*****g unbelievable. I’m trying to do my scenes with Kristen, and this blue alien bugger is knocking over lighting rigs and doing whatever to break my concentration. I don’t even think he’s a member of SAG!”

After one too many on-set altercations between the Lumpster and the RPattz, the producer apparently gave the blue one the heave-ho.

When asked to comment, Lumpy’s Agent said, “This has been a difficult ordeal for all of us in Lumpy’s camp. We even had an awesome co-promotion campaign planned at the recent Comic-Con in San Diego to promote Twilight with his groundbreaking iPhone game show QuitIt! What am I going to do with all these energy drinks, t-shirts, vampire teeth, and posters now?”

Lumpy was not available for comment. He's apparently hiding from the MNU.

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