Sunday, August 2, 2009

Poker research - Tazer

The QuitIt! staffers do lots of research into what gets aired on our show, and we mostly always do our due diligence.

One of the candidates in our Design a Poker Challenge was a Tazer, so we immediately dispatched one of our interns to research them. After several days of coffee fueled all-nighters, the intern came across this Tazer.

Judging by its specs, this Tazer thing sounds like overkill. Why would anyone need something like this? Who'd be crazy enough to want to get shot by something like this?

Oh, wait. Maybe... Like. These. People:

Our interns were giggling maniacally and creating quite a commotion in the office while watching the clip repeatedly. Lumpy quickly admonished them saying that lethal and non lethal weapons are serious business, and aren't a laughing matter. Lumpy is a pacifist, and he's all about educating the universe about resolving conflict through peaceful means.

But he also said if they had to taze someone, they should get lots of training and taze responsibly!

Afterwards, the intern who researched the Tazer asked, "So, this means this thing's gonna be in the next episode of QuitIt!, right?"

The intern has been dismissed.

By the way, if you want the Tazer to be included in our next update of QI!, make sure to vote! Based on the current standings, it's neck and neck between the Cow Brander and the Tazer!

Remember, the balance of power is in your mouse click!

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  1. ZOMF!! That training video link was hilarious and so WRONG. You can tell everyone thinks it's all a big joke!