Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Episode 2 is Coming!!

We want to apologize for the wait, but we assure you it's for good reasons!

During our development of QuitIt!, we knew that much like a wacky game show, we wanted to provide increased entertainment though successive episodes. So when we first released QuitIt!, we wanted to be able to get suggestions and feedback from you, the Audience! So after taking time listening to suggestions and feedback from the iTunes App Store, our forum threads in Touch Arcade, and direct user feedback, we went into full production of EP2 (title to be announced soon).

Moving forward, we plan on maintaining a posting dedicated to each Episode. Consider it a place to go when you want to find up to date information on the status of the current Episode in production.

So, to start things off, here's a sampling of what's coming in EP2:
  • 2 minigames.
  • 7 new types of wacky user room themes to buy.
  • 8 pokers, including the zaptastic Tazer.
  • And there's more stuff to be revealed later!
I'll add information on the update to this posting as well. You can always find this posting by clicking on our reporter Lumpy icon in the sidebar to the right.

Also, Lumpy and the production staff here at 2n love comments! So feel free to leave suggestions or feature requests in these postings!

We're really excited about EP2 and hope you will enjoy it too!

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