Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday's EP2 Update

Soooo close to submission! The saying goes the last 10% of a project takes 90% amount of time. And it is an appropriate saying for this episode.

It has taken some time for our first update, but we've made several changes to how QuitIt! works. We want QuitIt! to be a quality product in the long term, so we thought it would be better to try and make EP2 meaningful. This update should start to address several of the issues that people have cited in reviews and direct feedback.

Lumpy is anxious! Everyone's anxious!

We're doing the final testing and tuning right now. I did just find a crash bug a few minutes ago related to the Joy Buzzer and having no memory to dynamically load in all the needed assets for it. Should be a straight forward fix, so it should not impact us too much. Our goal is to get it submitted end of day today or first thing tomorrow. Hmmm ... for me right now, end of day and first thing the next day seem to be the same...

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