Thursday, September 3, 2009

Name the Tazer Challenge Winner!

We’re pleased to announce the winning entry for the Name the Tazer Challenge!

After a thrilling, nail-biting battle between Joy Buzzer and Tesla's Touch, a winner emerged!

The tazer will be called Joy Buzzer! You can check it out in Episode 2 of QuitIt!

A big thank you goes out to Devilishly Good from the Touch Arcade forums, who submitted the winning entry.

We’d also like to thank the other members of Touch Arcade who gave us suggestions! We really appreciate your audience participation.

Lumpy wants to send out a special message to everyone too.

When asked about the sign’s meaning, Lumpy’s Agent said, “It’s obvious one of your interns can’t spell. I’d like to assure everyone that my client is looking forward to Episode 2 and all the adoring pokes his fans will give him. This includes pokes with the Joy Buzzer. This interview is over.”

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