Tuesday, September 15, 2009

EP2 Shock and Oww Icon

We've come up with the icon for EP2. In honor of the Joy Buzzer (aka the Tazer), we wanted the icon to have a bit of a jolt. We first tried to put in the Joy Buzzer itself, but thought the battery was funnier.

When we were talking about this in the office, the Hermanator wondered if the icon was too "graphic" because we are rated as a 9+ app. Getting rejected over the icon would be ... well ... crappy.

Even though I'm in competition with him over the top scores in our mini games, his statement got me thinking about it. Boyd came up with the excellent suggestion that we ask people for their opinion.

We have a poll on the right sidebar as to whether or not we should use it or not. Or if you have any other comments on it, feel free to leave them below!

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