Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday's EP2 Update

We are closing in on submission time! While it has taken some time to get to this point, we think that the time and efforts will be worth it to you, our Audience. Right now, we're in the process of tuning our 2 mini games. Today, we'll be putting in the high score system. For now these are local, but once we get our networking support in, you'll be able to post your scores to the global leaderboards!

Recently, Lumpy's Agent has managed to do something good. Here at our office, we're a little suspicious of the guy. But some how, he's managed to procure a crate of Lumpy Ohhs for our blue buddy. We don't want to know how he got them through customs, but we're ecstatic. It has given us a temporary break from the incessant requests for pho. After a little work, I've been able to get them into the app. Behold!

Hmmm ... I wonder what you can do with them in game!?


  1. Looks awesome! My guess is maybe feeding them to Lumpy. And is that what I see? A Hapiness meter for Lumpy!?

  2. Thanks saintsalive! Lumpy is a little bummed because I took some of his precious Lumpy Ohhs and stashed them in the app.

    That is indeed a happiness meter. It will not be working 100% in EP2. In EP3 it should be working like we want it to.

    Feeding yes .... and mebbe a bit more!?

  3. We can make Lumpy happy or miserable? I look forward to seeing this! I mean, he is adorable when he is miserable, but he is awfully cute when he is happy, too!

  4. Sheryl, you're right! This is just the beginning for making him happy. We'll be giving you more ways to bring him joy in future episodes. So stay tuned!