Monday, September 14, 2009

Lumpy Out of Control at the SF Poke Festival?

Lumpy checked out the SF Poke Festival over the weekend despite the weird weather that brought rain and thunderstorms to San Francisco. He was really looking forward to watching others being poked for a change. The Lumpster also thought that maybe he'd get a chance to do some poking too.

But that was not to be. Poor Lumpy. He didn't realize the festival was a cook-off competition for the Hawaiian delicacy of poke (pronounced poh-kay), which is usually made from bite size cubes of raw tuna mixed with soy sauce, sesame oil, seaweed, green onions, and sea salt.

Things got a bit ugly when Lumpy tried to get the poking spirit going in the crowd. Unfortunately for him, the security detail at the event didn't take kindly to a blue alien randomly poking people. When one of the security guys threatened to call the cops, a quick-thinking intern escorted the Lumpster to safety.

Lumpy's take on the whole event? He apologizes for the misunderstanding, and he hopes to attend next year's event because he thought this poke was delish.

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