Friday, September 11, 2009

Daily Dish EXCLUSIVE – Lumpy Nixed as American Idol Judge?!?!

Sources close to Fox’s American Idol have informed Lumpy’s Pad of the behind-the-scenes drama in the recent announcement of Ellen DeGeneres as the full time replacement judge for Paula Abdul.

As reported here first, Lumpy was rumored to be negotiating with Fox to fill the position left by Abdul. Allegedly, tensions between Lumpy and Simon Cowell boiled over and resulted in Lumpy getting nixed from consideration.

Cowell is rumored to have said, “That chap definitely has no talent. And I know what talent is. I’ve seen some of his work and it’s utter crap. He has no business judging what talent is on our show. Is he even here on this planet legally?”

But Lumpy's Agent tells a different story. "Perhaps Mr. Cowell's just jealous that Lumpy may have influenced Paula’s decision to go it alone as a solo act. Lumpy understood Paula's situation revolving around her negotiations with Fox, and gave her a shoulder to lean on. Unlike Mr. Cowell, Lumpy is a good listener and a communicator who's seen his share of career hiccups."

His Agent added, "As a big fan of Ellen, Lumpy’s thrilled that she’ll be the new judge on American Idol, and wishes her well. Oh, and Episode 2 of QuitIt! is about to enter beta."

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