Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Daily Dish EXCLUSIVE! Now, who’s green with envy!?

Are you seeing what we’re seeing? Look who Lumpy was caught frolicking with in the streets of NYC!

It seems that during Lumpy’s recent trip to New York, he was seen with none other than the divine Ms. Green M&M. Word has it that Ms. Green and Blue are an item. Or is it Splitsville for them?

Apparently upon seeing the pictures, the Blue M&M people dismissed the allegations stating, “Blue and Green are still very much a couple. Green was simply showing a foreign visitor around the Big Apple.”

Rumor also has it that negotiations for Lumpy’s role as Blue’s stunt double have hit a standstill. Coincidence? The mind boggles!

If you were Ms. Green, who would you want to be with? Take our Lumpy Vs. Blue M&M poll on the sidebar to the right and let us know who you think is hotter!

We’ll keep poking away to find out the truth about this scandalous situation!


  1. Star Bellied SneetchAugust 4, 2009 at 11:45 AM


    Wonder who else he's been seeing now that he "popular"?

  2. I would definitely go for Lumpy, he has more "stature"...he's more manly!!!