Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh Snap! Lumpy Not Cute Enuf for Cute Overload?

Lumpy enjoys surfing the interwebs during his breaks. There’s one site that he enjoys in particular called Cute Overload. Lumpy really really likes cute, fuzzy animals. He’s such a fan that he asked his Agent to see if there was some way he could reach out to his fans through their site. Lumpy’s Agent suggested that he try and be included in their 2010 Calendar. Allegedly, meetings were held, photos were taken, and negotiations started.

During the focus testing of the calendar, Lumpy apparently tested well on his cuteness, as seen on the photo to the left. Rumor has it that he was cute enough to be featured as a Cutie of the Day, but not quite cute enough for the flagship position of being a Rule of Cuteness or the Cover Cutie of the calendar.

It was supposedly a tough decision. In the end, it appears Lumpy lost that coveted placement to a panda, as seen on the photo below. When notified of this, his Agent allegedly pulled out of the rumored negotiations.

When asked to comment, the Agent simply stated, “My client’s image has value and intrinsic cuteness. If he’s not cute enough to be a Rule of Cuteness, then we’ll have to take his cuteness elsewhere. The people at 2n really ‘get it,’ and Episode 2 of QuitIt! will showcase even more of Lumpy’s intrinsic cuteness.”

Lumpy was allegedly a bit disappointed when he heard the news, but in the end, he was okay with it.

Besides, the panda does look cute.

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