Thursday, August 27, 2009

Daily Delish- Coffeecake

As Lumpy gets used to living here on Earth, he’s enjoying Earth’s simple pleasures, like breakfast.

He’s now getting into a daily routine of scanning the celebrity news sites, checking up on who the guests are on Oprah, etc. while noshing on breakfast foods.

One of our production assistant interns bought some raspberry peach coffeecake from our neighborhood bakery for the staff breakfast, and Lumpy gobbled up a few of them. He eats a lot.

As he was devouring the tasty cakes, he remarked that he was puzzled why it didn’t taste like coffee, an Earth beverage he has grown used to drinking by the gallon.

Lumpy’s verdict? “Delish.” He said that while he enjoyed the tasty cake, he’s contractually obligated to say that it isn’t quite as tasty as Lumpy-Ohhs.

From his daily morning web surfing he’s also learned that pho is eaten for breakfast in Vietnam. Now he’s saying that he wants pho for his breakfast.

“Lumpy wa pho wo asa gohan ni tabetai.”

Upon hearing our pho-crazed star’s latest demand, a visibly unnerved intern submitted her resignation.

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