Friday, August 14, 2009

NEWS FLASH: Is the MNU gunning for Lumpy?!

Lumpy let us know that he saw a new documentary film called District 9, and he said that he was disturbed by how poorly the aliens were treated in the film.

He was also saddened by all the fighting between the humans and the aliens shown in the documentary. Zgrunturians resolved their conflicts amongst their own people and other alien species long ago. He said, “Why can’t we all just get along?” through his Agent in our production meeting earlier this morning.

Lumpy’s also been muttering obsessively about this evil paramilitary organization called MNU over and over. He says that he’s concerned that they might come after his food replicator. While it doesn’t require Lumpy’s DNA to operate, it’s still got some advanced whizbang technology from his homeworld, so he’s a bit freaked out. More so as we’ve discussed our technical problems with it in past posts here at Lumpy’s Pad.

Lumpy is currently AWOL and presumably in hiding from this MNU organization. We’ll need to start checking all the bathrooms here at the studio…

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  1. Ha ha... aww... No one would ever ban lumpy from anything or from anywhere!

  2. Hi Sheryl, thanks for stopping by. Lumpy would probably be very happy to hear that you think so. Unfortunately, he's still AWOL! Our search for him continues!