Tuesday, August 4, 2009

App Store Update!

Lumpy was in the Green Room this morning practicing his monologue for his acting workshop when one of our interns excitedly burst into the room. Lumpy thought it was time for his breakfast, but the intern told him that QuitIt! broke into the Top 40 of the Entertainment apps section in the US iTunes App Store and sits on the verge of breaking into the Top 50 of the Canadian one.

This morning started off with the mention of QuitIt! in the WHAT’S HOT section of the store. And now comes news that Lumpy made it into the charts!

This was too much for the blue guy to process. He swooned momentarily at the news, but immediately regained his composure. He is a professional actor, after all.

He wanted us to thank all his fans support in the US and Canada and to let them know that their poking will help improve the app with new features and content through FREE updates.

Being an intergalactic entertainer, Lumpy also wanted to thank his international fans for their continued support, and to let them know that he would appreciate their help to increase his viewing audience world-wide.

Lumpy and the 2n Productions crew also want to get the word out that the update is already in production and will be offering new features including minigames. Stay tuned for more deets!


  1. Go Lumpy Go! You are at the top 24.

  2. good job!!! Looking forward to seeing more of lumpy .