Saturday, August 15, 2009

The search for Lumpy continues!

Lumpy is still nowhere to be seen. We heard earlier this afternoon from our informants that Lumpy may have been over at San Francisco Japantown, hanging out at the newly opened New People shop/cafe/art space/theater/hotspot that's dedicated to all things J-Pop.

Kinda makes sense, as Lumpy was researching Japanese culture, gameshows, and language before coming to Earth. Being the hipster that he is, Lumpy's a sucker for new and shiny things...even when a shady organization like the MNU may be on the hunt for him. He probably couldn't resist the urge to immerse himself in übercool Japanese stuff...

Lumpy's Facebook friend who went to New People today didn't see him, so she either missed him or maybe he's doing a good job hiding somewhere in the building.

Lumpy's Agent hasn't returned yet either after being picked up by the MNU peeps this afternoon, so we're kinda getting worried here at 2n HQ...

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