Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday's EP2 Update

I just wanted people to know that the production for EP2 is still moving forward!

This past week was pretty intense as we have a large amount of art assets under production. We're still maintaining the overall art quality level of the app. But unfortunately it takes a bit of time to produce. I've been mostly spending my time getting in assets as well expanding the infrastructure to ensure we can dynamically load all the parts on the fly.

We're hoping that by the end of the week or very early next week we'll be getting builds to the Beta testers. For the people we talked to about Beta testing, we'll be hitting you up for you UDIDs if we don't have them already.

Curious about being a Beta tester? Then hit us up. For this first update we're only using a small set of testers. However moving forward, we will increase the pool. Especially once we introduce networking and global scores!


  1. Hey guys,

    where would I contact you guys about beta testing, or is here ok? I'd be really interested in Beta Testing QuitIt, as I love the game a lot.

  2. saintsalive, glad to hear you love the game! We hope you'll enjoy our next episodes as well! We're committed to updating it on a regular basis.

    Send us you contact e-mail via the "Questions? Fan mail? Suggestions?" link on the sidebar to the right. Or you can always PM us on Touch Arcade either at 2n Production or directly to me at mobileben.

    Also feel free to give us any feedback as well! Lumpy says he likes feedback!