Friday, August 28, 2009

Name the Tazer Challenge!

Work is progressing on EP2, and new stuff like the tazer is really coming together. For developers like us, it's really exciting for us to see our ideas come to life and move around on the screen.

But there’s one problem with the tazer tho’. We don’t have a name for it!

We’ve been busy dealing with all sorts of dev stuff, so we haven’t had the time to come up with a name for the thing.

So, here’s where you come in. Help us name the tazer!

Here are the submission rules:

  • Please go to TouchArcade and post your submissions directly our “Green Room” thread.
  • Post as many names as you like. We’ll keep track of your submission.
  • We’ll accept submissions until midnight, Pacific time on Monday, August 30.
  • The name needs to be “Safe For Work.” Please use common sense and not submit nasty stuff.
  • The name cannot include the words “tazer” or “taser.”
  • IMPORTANT: The name CANNOT be longer than TWO WORDS of 20 CHARACTERS per each word.

After submissions are closed, we’ll select 5 of your submissions and then create a poll so you can vote for your favorite tazer name!

Allrighty then, let the naming begin!

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