Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Da Lump is back!

Our wayward alien buddy Lumpy is finally back, after freaking out about the MNU coming after him.

He’s managed to elude us over the weekend, only staying in communications via texting.

We had reports of him slipping into the grand opening of New People in San Francisco over the weekend, but other than that, he’s been quite elusive. We started to wonder if he brought another kind of alien tech from Zgrunturos besides his food replicator. Like a cloaking device.

Well, in the end, we needed no high-tech doodad to lure the Lumpster back to our studio.

Our bait of choice to capture the Lumpster?

A nice hot bowl of pho, natch!

We did, however, set up a little trap for the Lumpster as seen in the pic here.

So, here’s how it went down. We sent him a text yesterday telling him that we have a nice bowl of steaming hot pho at our studio.

We were waiting for him to come through our studio doors, but Lumpy somehow got into the studio unnoticed (hmm, cloaking device???). We realized this when we saw that our trap had been sprung.

In the end, it was all good. We got our star back. And Lumpy was happy(?) because he got his favorite delish. But judging how mellow he was after eating the pho, you’d think the hubbub with the MNU was all a sham. Hmm…maybe it’s the mixture of herbs and spices in the pho’s broth…

We definitely knew everything was back to normal when Lumpy started saying, “Lumpy ha motto pho tabetai,”* much to the horror of our production staff.

Now, all we need is to get back Lumpy’s Agent to translate for us…

*「ランピー ハ モット フォー タベタイ」

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