Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Italian Job – Musings by Yas

Call me a geek, but the speed at which information spreads around the world via the interwebs fascinates me. In the last couple of days, I’ve been surfing the net to find out which countries around the world have heard about QI!

So, when Ben gave me the heads up yesterday that we hit number 89 in the top 100 of the Italian App Store’s Entertainment (Intrattenimento) category, I was puzzled. Sure enough, nestled amongst the girly pic apps and fart apps, was the Lumpster (since then, we've gone down to 100 as shown in the picture). Realistically, this doesn’t really translate into big sales numbers given the size of the Italian market, but how did we get there considering we did zero PR in Italy?

We had lots of silly conspiracy theories in the office about how this happened (…something along the lines of QI! being an app that people couldn’t refuse...), but later during the afternoon, we got some intel from a QI! fan that sort of cleared up the mystery. So, as it turns out, an Italian site called iPhoneItalia wrote a review of our app. The review itself was kinda neutral, but heck, we really appreciate any press that we can get!

Now back to more surfing! Or maybe not…I think I see Ben coming over to my desk with a tazeruiopasdg;la[pgj’/.lasdjs;

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