Saturday, August 15, 2009

Daily Dish SHOCKER – Da RPattz on da warpath!

First the revelation that Lumpy was allegedly canned from the new Twilight sequel, and now this.

A source close to People Magazine sent us this magazine cover from an issue that was yanked at the last minute by Twilight star Robert Pattinson’s people.

The article in the kiboshed issue focuses on the on set tensions between RPattz and Lumpy, highlighting RPattz’s feelings of insecurity about a new competitive threat to his stardom. A quote from the now unpublished article has him saying, “Look, this Lumpy bloke had the attention of all the girls on the set, including Kristen. You see, that’s f*****g unnatural, them cavorting with some alien from another planet. Is he even vaccinated?”

One of our fans brought to our attention this video, which shows that the RPattz has a rivalry with his former Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe as well. So it looks like Lumpy is not the only victim of RPattz’s jealousy-driven wrath.

Lumpy and his Agent were unavailable for comment. An MNU van stopped by earlier this afternoon at the production office and picked up Lumpy’s Agent for questioning about food replicator operating instructions.


  1. “Look, this Lumpy bloke had the attention of all the girls on the set, including Kristen."
    Well, of course the girls like Lumpy! After all, he is so much cuter! <3

  2. Lumpy says he appreciates your support. He has no hard feelings towards RPattz tho'. He understands the pressures of being a heart throb because he went through the same kinds of ordeals earlier in his career on Zgrunturos. Sometimes the pressure gets to you and makes you do things you really didn't mean to do.