Friday, July 31, 2009

Design a Poker Challenge Voting!

Our lead dev guy Ben and the 2n Productions crew reviewed the poke-tastic responses we got from the TouchArcade forum's Design a Poker Challenge, and we've now posted a poll for everyone to vote on their favorite Poker design.

Lumpy says he would like to thank all the TouchArcaders who participated in the Challenge. But he also says he's a bit nervous about which Poker will win. The Lumpster asked Ben to include the Pillow that was suggested as one of the candidates for the poll, but his choice didn't make the cut.

Well, maybe you'll get your Pillow next time Lumpy!

Poke on over to TouchArcade and poke, poke, poke, vote, vote*!

* This doesn't mean we're encouraging people to vote multiple times. :)

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