Sunday, July 26, 2009

First international fans!

Lumpy got word today that QuitIt! is being downloaded by fans in Mexico.

He wanted to express his deepest gratitude to his fans in Mexico, who are the first international viewers of the QuitIt! show.

The production staff would also like to extend a heart-felt “muchas gracias” to our supporters in Mexico.

But Lumpy's enjoyment of this moment seemed short-lived as he overheard someone on the production staff talking about getting a burrito from a Mexican joint down the street for dinner.

Lumpy is becoming a bit paranoid now. First the Burrito Incident. Then Montezuma. And now fans in Mexico. He is wondering whether this Montezuma is stalking him...


  1. hey.... what's up i am from mexico and i really liked your app i think it has tons of potential and can get even better, so keep up the good work and congrats for the app :D

  2. Lumpy thanks you for your comment and your compliment! Please stay tuned for our future episodes! If you enjoyed the app, he would really appreciate a nice review up on the iTunes App Store! :)