Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Design a Poker Challenge @ TouchArcade

Our fearless lead dev guy Ben has unleashed the Design a Poker Challenge at TouchArcade.

Here's a section of the post from the B-man himself:
What I’d like to do is to involve everyone in helping to design one of the pokers that will go in the next version of QI!

Here’s the rough plan: Get a bunch of suggestions for pokers from everyone. We’ll then select what we feel are the best 5 ones based on comic payoff and implementation. Next, we’ll have a poll to narrow it down to one.

After we select the winning poker, we’ll keep you guys in the loop until we come up with the final version of the poker.

Feel free to offer up as many suggestions as you like.

Our general rule of thumb for a poker is that it can’t be too religious in nature or offensive to people. Also, we’ll have to pass on suggestions that we feel don’t fall within the humor and spirit of the app.

We want to use this as a trial run in learning how to interact with you, our audience. We want to figure out the best way to work with you as a team. For those of you who are actually developers, you know what I mean. Once we feel our way through this, we can try for more interesting ways of "audience participation" in future updates.
Poke on over to TA to join the fun!


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