Saturday, July 25, 2009

It’s show time for Lumpy!

We got the good word that QuitIt! has been approved by Apple!

We apologize for the delay in updating you, but it took a bit of coaxing to get our star on stage due to the Burrito Incident this morning. He came out only after we told him that his show was now live.

Lumpy wanted send out a personal message to all his fans checking out his blog, but we need his agent to interpret for us from Zgrunturian to English.

Unfortunately for us, Lumpy’s agent is nowhere to be found…so one of our interns improvised and made a sign for the Lumpster.

In any event, for around the cost of a latte, get more stimulation from QuitIt! without the need for that inevitable bathroom break.

Unlike buying a latte from your fave place, you can be sure you’ll get free “refills” through our free updates that’ll add more poking pleasure and hi-larious antics to QuitIt! in the coming months. It’ll leave you wondering why they don’t give you free refills!

Poke on over to the iTunes App Store and download QuitIt! while its hot!


Help Lumpy become the first true intergalactic star! Check out Lumpy’s profile on Facebook (search for “Lumpy Hrudkovity”) and add him as a friend. He’s waiting breathlessly for your fan mail!


  1. Congratulations about the approval, but I just can't help feeling a bit bad for Lumpy. Does he really understand what it will take to become a star?

  2. Congratulations and best wishes Lumpy! I would normally say "break a leg" in situations like this, but you don't have any! Hahahaha!

  3. Star Bellied SneetchJuly 27, 2009 at 2:04 PM

    Congrats and Good Luck on your debut!!