Monday, October 26, 2009

What's Hot? Why QuitIt! is ... again!

Lumpy has been working pretty hard in preparation for EP3. He's allowed himself to have spells cast upon him, he's allowed himself to be zombie-fied, and he's played homage to MJ. He even has been practicing a few more sweet moves no one has seen quite yet.

This evening, he was relaxing a bit at the office, poking around the interweb, while I was trying to finish up my work for the day. Suddenly, I heard a big thud. When I looked around I saw that Lumpy had fallen out of his chair. When I asked him what happened he kept saying "What's Hot ... What's Hot". He then hopped up and then nudged me towards his computer screen. 

I saw he was on Oprah's website reading about Wednesday's episode where Oprah  will hear from MJ's fans talk about his new movie: Michael Jackson's This Is It. As I was rolling my eyes, I realized something else. Next to that window was iTunes. And on the iTunes page, QuitIt! was listed as What's Hot!

Lumpy was overjoyed because this is the second time we've been listed as What's Hot! since we first came out!

Lumpy and the 2n team would like to express our gratitude to all the fans that have supported QuitIt! and we ask for your continued support in helping to spread the word about QuitIt! By spreading the word and giving us good reviews on iTunes, you'll allow us to continue building new Episodes for your enjoyment!


  1. WOOT! congrast on making it on the whats hot list.... AGAIN! now all can see whitch app is superior! MUHAHAHA!!!...... mkay im done >.>

  2. Thanks! Hopefully more and more people will find out about QuitIt! and check it out :D!

  3. This will be coming out in EP3! You select BRAIN FOOD and then poke him. We're slowly introducing special animation sets for each Poker. Sorry for that we can't get them all out at once, they take time to make :). EP3 will have special anims for ALAKAZAM! and WHO'S BAD. If you see that preview video we posted on YouTube ... it will show you what they're looking like. Oh, each one will have an unlockable finality. A finality is a special animation you trigger.